Maggie Zhou

HIFIVE Technology Co-Founder & CEO

Maggie Zhou co-founded HIFIVE.AI Technology and HIFIVE Technology in 2016, with Dr. Yin Xueyuan, dedicated to AI and cloud computing’s application in music and pan-music area.

HIFIVE is an award-winning company that provides the distribution and protection of music copyright and big data services to artists through ‘HIFIVE’ and ‘AGM commercial music copyright licensing platform’. It also provides AI music-creating – launching music-creating assistant “Hi” to provide AI lyrics-writing, music-composing and music arranging.

Currently, HIFIVE has worked with Sony/ATV, EMI, TEG and hundreds of independent artists, and has become the proprietor and agent of music copyright of more than 4 million songs, and provides copyright and AI technology services to hundreds of companies, including Tencent, CMCC, China Telecom, Huawei, Weibo, Ergeng, Keep, Kwai, etc.

Previously, Maggie went from working in the sales department at P&G to taking charge of 12% business of channel distribution in China and becoming a recipient of P&G’s CEO Award – available to only 1% on a global scale. She later joined the sales department of Tencent. Maggie was chosen by the authoritative Japanese music magazine Confidence issued by ORICON Inc. as the representative of burgeoning music companies in Asia.