Harry Hamelink

Creative Director, Motel Mozaïque Festival

As the founder and creative director of Motel Mozaïque Festival, Harry Hamelink together with his team creates distinctive events consisting of a mix of music, performance art, visual art and extraordinary experiences. Here the city is literally used as a stage. The program is inspired by the current state of affairs in music and art, social and spatial issues and hospitality.

International programming takes place in music venues, theaters, dance clubs, but also in streets, hospitals, abandoned shipyards and construction sites.
Harry believes that working together and co-creating are important to achieve special programming. This involves working with institutes, designers, musicians, ….

Harry also organizes Parfum de BoemBoem, titillating tours about the transformation of the city. Architects and construction engineers tell about the past, the current situation and the future of the spots to be visited. Musicians, poets and dancers enrich the place by performing on construction sites, demolition areas or underground locations.

Harry was previously a concert promotor of a famous Dutch concert hall / dance club called Nighttown; staff member of Rotterdam 2001, Cultural Capital of Europe and music programmer of the Oerol Festival, a ten-day festival on a beautiful Dutch island.

He currently lives and works in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and is the proud father of two beautiful children.