Aditi Ramesh

Artist, songwriter, producer

Aditi Ramesh is a jazz/blues/carnatic vocalist, songwriter and producer based out of Mumbai. She is known for her strong hold on tonal modulations and her ability to mix classical carnatic music with jazz. Formerly a corporate lawyer since quitting in the end of 2016, her musicality has experienced exponential growth in her soundscape, with her performance incorporating keys, drums and bass as well as the use of her eloquent voice as an instrument, used to create symphonic harmonies and intricate melodies.

After performing at NH7 Weekender Pune in 2017, she released her debut EP, ‘Autocorrect’, and went on to a multi-city tour of the EP. Autocorrect has been listed as one of the top 10 EPs of 2017 by Rolling Stone India.

‘Autocorrect’ is an exploration of the space between genres. Fusion is often about showcasing a range of styles and techniques. What Aditi attempts to do with this EP is begin to find common overlaps between Indian and Western musical traditions and use these spaces to seamlessly transition between styles; to in a sense ‘fuse’ them. The lyrical content is meant to be relatable, at times using Aditi’s everyday experiences as a lens through which macro-level ideas and the larger picture and are viewed. The sound is influenced by soul, jazz, blues, Carnatic, funk and folk music.