Zhang Xun, Cartoor artist and publisher, China

Zhang Xun

EARS on Helsinki speaker Zhang Xun is a founding member of the art project SPECIAL COMIX. Since 2001, he has worked as a teacher, freelance artist, comic and children’s book author in Nanjing. He has participated in international exhibitions, and edited, published around 10 comics and children’s books. Zhang Xun has won several awards for his works, such as the “Prix BD Alternative 2010” by SPECIAL COMIX Vol.3 in Angouleme France. Recently, he has worked as curator in several comic art projects.

Zhang, please tell us what questions will your speech at EARS on Helsinki 2015 give answers to?

What should we expect to face when entering the Chinese publishing industry?

What about the question you would like to have answered at EARS on Helsinki?

Why do we need entertainment? What is its essence? What would it be in a society with abundant resources?

Here are few things Finland is known of. Pick one you would like to experience in Helsinki:

midnight sun / hand-picked berries / heavy metal /sauna and skinny dipping
Midnight sun

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