Vlad Davydov

Vlad Davydov, Partner, Managing Director, Ikon

Vlad Davydov (MA, MBA) is the driving force behind Ikon, one of Russia’s most dynamic and well-established music businesses, according to Forbes Russia. With one foot in the traditional music world and one foot in the disruptive realm of tech startups, Davydov has proven himself as a forward thinker by founding and funding several well-received music tech companies, such as the music platform 3plet. He often acts as a mentor and advisor to entrepreneurs in the music tech sphere in Russia, as well as speaking at international conferences and participating in juries.

Spearheading innovative projects and managing major events and artists, Davydov has cultivated thousands of professional relationships spanning the music and technology sectors, from recording and production to rights management and new media. His current business focus is on an AR/VR enabled immersive live entertainment and experiences.

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