sehoon chang

Sehoon Chang, Head of Animation Global Business at CJ, South Korea

EARS on Helsinki 2015 speaker Sehoon Chang heads Animation Global Business at CJ E&M, South Korea’s leading content and media company. Prior to his current position, Sehoon developed strategy for CJ E&M business expansion in Vietnam, Indonesia and China. He also oversaw the production of several animation feature movies at CJ Entertainment, one of which, The Speckles Tarbosaurus, grossed the second largest box office in the history of the Korean original animation movie.

Sehoon, please tell us what questions your speech at EARS on Helsinki 2015 will give answers to?

What are the key forces driving the globalization of Korean animation? What you should avoid when you want to create cross-cultural content? What is the future of digital comics?

What question would you like to have answered at EARS on Helsinki?

What is the best way to create East meets West type of content?

Here are few things Finland is known of. Pick one you would like to experience in Helsinki:

midnight sun / hand-picked berries / heavy metal /sauna and skinny dipping

Midnight sun

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