Kristian Schmidt, Vice Chairman, ELMU

Kristian Schmidt is the vice chairman of ELMU and member of the board at Finnish Rock Club Association. Now he is busy with the Live Finland and ELMU 3000 venue – projects and setting up a new café in Kallio, Helsinki. He is a visionarywindows 10 key Online live music who wants to make the small things count and bring sustainability into the music industry through open culture co-operation and strong action from the association field. Kristian´s background is a mix of entrepreneurship in events and promotion, cultural 300-206 work and visual design.

Kristian co-founded and was the owner and program manager of the state-of-the-art-rock club Suisto for 8 years, before that his scenographic studies at Aalto University led him among other buy windows 10 key projects to design the stage for the Eurovision Song Contest 300-070 Finale in Helsinki. Kristian has worked as a freelance producer and visualist at numerous windows10productkey festivals, events, theatre and films.

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