Iiro Seppänen, Producer, Co-Founder, Pan Pacific Entertainment

EARS on Helsinki speaker Iiro Seppänen is a Finnish producer, photographer and retired professional BASE jumper. After successful careers as a master magician and professional BASE jumper, Iiro in 2005 turned to filmmaking and photography. Since then, he has produced several award-winning documentaries, more than 50 hours of prime time TV entertainment, transmedia micro-series, feature films, and multiple live-event TV productions that tallied more than 1.5 billion viewers around the world. 

The first of those events was the 2011 Tianman Mountain Wingsuit Flythrough by Jeb Corliss, witness live by more than 500 million Asian viewers; ABC’s 20/20 selected it as “the greatest stunt of all time.” 

In 2012, Iiro and partner Frank Yang developed the World Wingsuit League, the world’s premier wingsuit racing organization. Its inaugural world championships race was watched live by hundreds of millions of viewers; TIME Magazine named the event as one its top 25 “best inventions of 2012,” and Iiro produced the award-winning film “Heaven’s Gate,” which was also featured on the National Geographic Channel as “Wingsuit Daredevil.”  

In 2013, Iiro, Frank and Jeb collaborated with Red Bull on the “Flying Dagger” project, another wingsuit stunt watched live by hundreds of millions of viewers and seen online by millions more. 

Frank and Iiro continue to operate Pan-Pacific Entertainment, a Hollywood-based film investment, consulting and production company. A company created to produce independent live-action and animated feature films, and provide multi-platform storytelling consulting. Pan-Pacific is principally engaged in the financing, production, co-production and worldwide distribution of these properties.

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