Amigo Yeung, Project Manager, Dance Theatre Auraco

EARS on Helsinki speaker Amigo Yeung is the project manager of Dance Theatre Auraco, a Helsinki-based dance theatre which produces performances for all ages across Europe and Asia.

Amigo started as a project manager to advocate arts education and performing arts for young audience in Hong Kong in 2007. She believes that artistic experience is important to children’s personal development, while the arts for children is also important for the cultural development in a society. Working for TEFO and Asia Society Hong Kong Center, she was in charge of various performing arts, visual arts, and cross-cultural programmes for children. Since 2013, Amigo has worked for Auraco to develop its Asian projects, including the performance touring in Hong Kong, Guangdong and Macau, and the collaboration projects in China.

Besides project planning and coordination, Amigo is also a column writer for performing arts magazines in Hong Kong and Macau to introduce innovative projects or ideas in a reflective approach. Now she is living in Brussels, and she is also an independent producer working with other art groups.

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