Mumbai is not only the commercial capital of India but also the country’s most vibrant cultural hub, giving it a perfect blend of culture, customs and lifestyles. Mumbai, or rightfully, The Maximum City, is reputed for its welcoming and warm attitude embracing its visitors. Even though Mumbai is a thriving metropolis, it makes transport accessibility easy. At every nook and cranny, one can find a taxi or a rickshaw waiting to be hailed.

Arriving to town…

From the Airport:

There are airport pre-paid taxis you can book right before you exit the airport at Arrivals.

If you prefer, we have Uber as well our local online cab aggregator Ola Cabs

Within Mumbai:

Taxis: Uber and Ola Cabs run within the city and will take you wherever you’d like to go. You will also come across metered black and yellow taxis which do not need an app and can be hailed out on the streets.

Autorickshaws: If you have the need to experience something a bit more adventurous as a daily Mumbaikar does, you have autorickshaws zipping all over Bandra. You’ll just need to raise one of your arms and scream “Rickshaw!” and voila!

Trains: If a rickshaw doesn’t cut it for you in the adrenaline section, you always have our local lifeline, loyal trains to rely on for that. Every area in Mumbai has its own station. Avoidable during peak hours, more so, if this is your first time.

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons Ravi Jain / CC BY-NC 2.0

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