The cherry on top of the Music Panels and Encounter Sessions of the Music Track at EARS on Mumbai 2017 is not round and red, but wavy and free-form – namely, the Showcases on electronic music, jazz and modular synth on the 6th, 7th and 8th of December!



Independent Record Labels – Redefining Music 
Join a conversation with managers/entrepreneurs who have succeeded in creating a presence with their record labels. Get to know more about how marketing and distribution influences the progress of an album, how does one stay true to their own aesthetics/identity and to stand out amongst the many. Successful cases are great to know about but what are the challenges that these labels afce and how do they deal with the might of more established labels.

The Art of Artist Management
It’s rare for an artist to also manage business, which is why most musicians​ ​(whether they perform solo or work in a band) retain a manager. In essence,​ ​managers oversee the business side and contribute to the artist’s or band’s career, allowing the talent to focus entirely on creating new work. Managers share their experience of building sustainable business models and shed light on what goes into the artist/manager relationship!.

Asia: The Next Big Market
Asia is all set to be the biggest touring circuit in the world in the coming years. What goes into connecting with the right promoters and festivals bookers and how are the challenges in this process? How does one work the finances out and what it takes to negotiate with established circuits in Europe and America?

Jazz in India – Gaining Renewed Interest
India is witnessing a revival in the jazz scene with a growing younger audience base, corporate interest in jazz performances and newer venues for showcasing jazz acts. Jazz has been an integral part of the Indian music scene, however this revival poses a curious case. What has led to this revival? What are the trends in other countries in Asia and Europe? Are the opportunities to connect talent and promoters from these countries? Where does the future market lie for jazz?



Collaborative Projects
Focus on projects developed by Indian and international artists/producers to create work with newer sounds, interdisciplinary collaborations breaking into visual and graphic art realm as well as creating a deeper connection with local communities.

Some of the most inspiring stories behind festivals that have broken new ground will be presented followed by a tete-e-tete with these amazingly talented festival producers.



Jazz, modular synth and electronic music showcases.




Emmanuelle de Decker, Founder, GATECRASH

Sohail Arora, Founder, Director, KRUNK

Rana Ghose, Founder, REProduce

Acho Ji, Business Development Manager, S.T.D.

Colin D’Cruz, Jazz musician

Ren Yuqing, Founder, CEO, JZ Music

Benji Rogers, CEO, Co-Founder, dotBlockChain Media

Atul Churamani, Managing Director, Turnkey Music & Publishing

Arjun Vagale, DJ, Producer

Sasu Paakkunainen, Co-Founder, Content Director, Slush Music

Ashvin Mani Sharma, DJ, Producer, Composer

Ash Roy, Producer, DJ

Kai Amberla, Executive Director, Finland Festivals

Tej Brar, Founder, Director, Third Culture Entertainment

Justin Sweeting, Co-Founder, Music Director, Magnetic Asia

Danny Keir, Director, Business Development, Sound Diplomacy

Michael LoJudice, President North America, Global BD, Modern Sky Entertainment

John Stratton, Founder, CEO, FutureONE

Kenneth Lobo, Culture Marketing Team, Red Bull Music Academy

Ketan Bahirat, Producer

Laiq Qureshi, Founder, Urban Beat Project

Indra Ameng, Program Coordinator, ruanggrupa, Festival Director, RRREC Fest

Ashish Jose, Producer

Madhav Shorey, DJ, Producer

Rafael Pereira, Founder, Cadre Project Support Solutions

Sjam Sjamsoedin, Artist

Juha Ruusunen, Senior Manager, Business Development, Sony Music Entertainment Finland

Christian Schwanz, Producer, DJ



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